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Valve fittings


Mols Making

The mould is made of high quality aluminum alloy, which is processed by the machining center. In this way can guarantee its accuracy and complex surfaces.


Wax Models Making

By injecting wax into the mold , we get the same wax pattern as the product. Mechanized wax injection method and constant temperature and humidity workshop environment can ensure product consistency.


Making Shells

Shell making is divided into 4-5 layers. Some larger products even need 7 layers. The use of zircon sand and zircon powder can effectively improve the refractory strength of the shell and thus improve the surface finish of the castings.



Investment casting suit for many kinds material such as stainless steel ss304 ss316 ss2205 ss2507 and so on carbon steel 35# 45# 42crmo 35crmo WCB and other alloy steel. In this way we can easily get complex products with a lower costespecially the high maching cost parts.


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