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Questioning and classification of precision casting technology

October 17, 2019

Questioning and classification of precision casting technology

For precision casting, since it is one of the keywords in the website, in terms of specific learning requirements, it must be comprehensive and specific, and there must be no sloppy and lax. Then, based on this requirement, and from the current point of view, everyone has not yet reached the standard of learning, so it is necessary to continue this work, so it is not too late, let's start now, the explanation is as follows.

1. Precision castings, its manufacturing process, is it precision casting? And why can it be used to produce thin-walled castings?

The manufacturing process of precision castings is for precision casting, and, this is certain and certain, there is no doubt, and precision casting, which can be referred to as precision casting. As for the thin-wall type casting, it is because the mold is preheated at a high temperature in this casting, and the solidification speed of the metal can be slow at the time of casting, so that it is suitable for Thin wall castings will have this conclusion.

2. Is it necessary to heat treat precision castings? And, stainless steel, is it possible to use precision casting?

The heat treatment of precision castings, whether it is necessary, is the actual situation, as well as the specific requirements for castings. If you want to further improve the performance of the casting, then it can be achieved by heat treatment. However, it is necessary to make a reasonable selection of materials and choose a suitable process to achieve good results.

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The material of stainless steel can be cast by precision casting. Therefore, the answer is yes, and the casting obtained by precision casting is generally called stainless steel casting.

3. Precision castings, if it is mass produced, then what should you pay attention to? And, for small castings, what kinds of types are there?

If the production of precision castings is mass-produced, then it should be noted that appropriate molding and core-making methods should be used to improve work efficiency and, therefore, to obtain good quality products. As for the classification of small castings, there are generally two types of horizontal and vertical types.

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