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Casting properties of stainless steel

September 07, 2019

Casting properties of stainless steel

Casting is a method of forming a casting of a liquid metal by Stainless steel casting it into a mold and cooling it to obtain a certain shape and performance. Most castings require machining before they can be used. These castings are called cast blanks. Some can be used without being machined directly onto the machine.

There are many casting methods, which are often divided into sand casting and special casting. Sand casting is the casting method for compact molding of sand. Other casting methods for special founders and sand casting, such as metal casting, pressure casting, centrifugal casting, investment casting, ceramic casting, etc.

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During metal casting, the crystal grains formed during the cooling and solidification process are relatively coarse, and it is easy to produce casting defects such as angry holes, shrinkage holes and cracks, and the mechanical properties are not as high as forgings. However, due to its many unique advantages, it is still widely used in industrial production.

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